Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC, the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Belarus, places special emphasis on the compliance of its activities with generally accepted rules and standards in the field of compliance control. The company establishes the principle of non-acceptance of corruption in all forms and manifestations both in daily activities and in the implementation of strategic projects.

Adhering to the basic principles of compliance with anti-corruption laws and ethical business behavior in all types of business relations, the company attaches great importance to and promotes the formation of an efficient, transparent and competitive market for telecommunication services.

The Company pays special attention to the internal control to detect compliance risks, the implementation of permanent work in this area, including the personnel training.

To ensure the compliance of the activities of Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC with the requirements of anti-corruption laws, the Anti-Corruption Commission has been established.

The basic laws and regulations relating to the anti-corruption laws of the Republic of Belarus and anti-corruption compliance of the Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC are available in the Anti-Corruption Laws section.