Anti-Corruption Commission

By Orders of the Director General of the Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC No. 1262 dated November 8, 2013 (as amended by Order No. 1106 dated August 22, 2016, Order No. 1016 dated August 22, 2016) the Anti-Corruption Commission has been established in Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC.

The Commission members:

NOVALSKY Alexander, Head of the Control and Auditing Group
BOCHAROVA Tatyana, Head of the Human Resources Department
TSVIRKO Lyudmila, Head of Legal Department
DOVNAROVICH Yuri, Head of Security Department
LYSYAKOVA Natalya, Chief Accountant

The Commission Secretary:

LUCHENOK Natalia, Legal Advisor of Legal Affairs Division, Legal Department

The commission acts under of the Commission Regulations No. 40 approved by Order of the Director General of Mobile TeleSystems, JLLC on January 17, 2017.

The Commission operates in accordance with the annual action plans approved at its meetings.