The Super Max price plan

Unlimited access to YouTube and social networking sites, 15 GB and unlimited calls to all networks

Videos on YouTube
VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites
Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other instant messengers
Remaining Internet
15 GB
Minutes for calls to all mobile networks
Change over to the price plan
Subscription fee:
23,81 BYN

Additional Services

Traffic Accumulation
Accumulate up to 45 GB of Internet using the SUPER-BOX service

1,084 rubles per month.
Activate: *305#
Unlimited Internet for a Day
Get unlimited internet for everything with the UNLIMITED FOR A DAY service

3,12 rubles per day
Activate: *746#
Loyalty Gifts
Earn points in MTS Bonus and activate cash bonuses

Activate: *707#

Detailed Information

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Monthly Payments
Subscription fee
23,81 BYN

The subscription fee is written off in equal installments on a pro rata per day basis.

The fee includes
  • UNLIMITED minutes for calls to all mobile networks of the Republic of Belarus
  • UNLIMITED access to instant messaging, social networkingsites and YouTube: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, FB Messenger, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, OK Live, YouTube
  • 15 GB for other Internet resources
Cost of Calls within the Republic of Belarus
Incoming calls
Outgoing calls to MTS
Outgoing calls to other mobile networks
Call forwarding to MTS
0,0379 BYN
Call forwarding to other mobile networks
0,0975 BYN
Outgoing calls to short codes
as per the approved rates

All calls are charged per minute, with upward rounding.

Cost of the Mobile Internet
1 MB
0,0485 BYN

Charging interval – 1 byte.

Cost of International Calls
Russia (MTS)
0,55 BYN
Russia, CIS, Georgia
0,67 BYN
1,10 BYN
Other countries
2,00 BYN
Satellite numbers
6,36 BYN

All calls are charged per minute, with upward rounding.

Incoming SMS, MMS
Outgoing SMS
0,0618 BYN
Outgoing SMS to short codes (3- and 4-digit numbers) and infotainment numbers
as per the approved rates
Outgoing MMS
0,0993 BYN

All messages are charged per message.

Special Feature

The subscribers who are foreign citizens or stateless persons cannot use the Roaming, SMS Roaming, Unlim Abroad, Excellent Roaming, Promised Payment 5, Term Credit 10 services, as well as the credit payment and change the price plan.