Where can I connect to MTS?

To conclude a contract, visit an MTS telecom store or turn to an MTS representative and produce identification (passport of a foreign citizen; diplomatic passport; diplomatic, service or consular card; temporary certificate of a refugee application registration; refugee certificate; United Nations Laissez-Passer; seaman's book).

The address of the MTS telecom store in the airport area is: Minsk National Airport.
Opening hours: daily 9:00 - 21:00.

Addresses of the MTS telecom stores near the railway station:

  • The Galileo Mall, 6, ul. Bobruyskaya, Minsk
    Opening hours: Sun - Thu 10:00 - 22:00, Fri – Sat 10:00 - 23:00.
  • 5, Privokszalnaya, Minsk
    Opening hours: daily 8:00 – 18:00, break 12:00 –12:45.
What documents do I need to connect to MTS

To conclude a contract for the provision of the MTS communications services, a contract owner (or an authorized representative with a power of attorney) should produce identification.

The documents required for the conclusion of a contract are as follows:

For the citizens of the Republic of Belarus



Belarusian passport

Within the period of validity (specified in the passport) with a note of registration.

For foreign citizens and stateless persons



Passport of a foreign citizen

The text must be in one of the international languages (Russian, English, German, or French)

to understand the content of the document without special preparation

Residence permit

Issued by the internal affairs authority at the place of residence

Diplomatic passport

Issued by the state represented by the bearer

Diplomatic, service or consular card

Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Temporary certificate of a refugee application registration

Issued by the Department of Citizenship and Migration (its territorial offices) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Refugee certificate

Issued upon a decision of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

United Nations Laissez-Passer


Seaman's book


Price plans for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens and stateless persons can subscribe to the Bezlimitishche + (Unlimited +) price plan. For detailed information about terms and conditions of this price plan please visit: https://www.mts.by/en/services/mobile/tariffs/for_guest/bezlimitishche-x-guest-en/.

Please note that the Roaming, Credit Mode of Settlement, Promised Payment 5, Urgent Credit 10, Unlim Abroad, SMS Roaming, Bill Delivery by Registered Mail, Excellent Roaming, Inet Abroad services are not available for the subscribers to this price plan.

Payment for the MTS services

You can pay for the MTS services in the MTS telecom stores.

    You can pay for the MTS services via the website.
  • Select the Communication Services section
  • Specify cards of other banks
  • Enter cell phone number
  • Press Proceed
  • Enter card data

You can pay for the MTS services at the Belpochta post offices.

Subscription fee

Subscription fee is written down daily in equal installments.

Information about five latest withdrawals from the account

To get information about 5 latest withdrawals, dial *145# on your device and press "Call".

In reply to your USSD-request you will receive a USSD-message with the text: "Vash zapros priniat, ozhidayte SMS s informaciey".

Further, within 10 minutes you will receive a free SMS containing:

"XX.XX HH:MM A:N - S", where:

XX.XX.XX - date of charging for the event

HH:MM - time of charging for the event

A - service description

N - the number to which the service was directed (it is specified if the action is connected with the service initiation on a certain number)

S - service cost.

Please note that information about the cost of 5 latest paid actions on the number is received for a period not exceeding 48 hours.

How to check the account balance

Send an SMS message (free of charge in the MTS Belarus network) with any text to 087011. An SMS-message containing the customer account and packages balance will be sent to your device.

Termination / cancellation of the service contract

To terminate the contract, a subscriber should present his/her identification document (passport) to an MTS telecom store. Choose the most convenient for you: https://www.mts.by/help/mobilnaya-svyaz/obsluzhivanie-abonentov/salony-svyazi/.

The contract can be terminated if there is no debt on the number.

How to contact the operator

You can turn to the MTS Contact Centre by calling 0890 (free of charge for MTS Belarus numbers) or +375 17 237-98-98 (according to the rates for an outgoing call).

Chat with the operator is available on the website: https://www.mts.by.