Comprehensive and easy-to-use online protection against spyware, trojans, viruses and other cyber threats.

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0,0468 BYN

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How does the Antivirus service work?

The Antivirus service makes it possible to scan the incoming Internet traffic within the MTS network against spyware, trojans, viruses, and other cyber threats.

To scan the incoming Internet traffic means its filtering for malware detection and prevention of the subscriber’s device, as well as blocking and removal of malicious software downloaded by the subscriber.

About the service

To use the Antivirus service, you need no software – virus scanning is performed automatically before the requested information reaches the subscriber's device. After the viruses scanning is over and if there are no viruses detected, the information is transmitted to the subscriber’s device. If a virus is detected, the service prevents it from being downloaded to the Subscriber’s device.

The Antivirus service is available to the subscribers to all price plans.

At the end of the day, if the subscriber has not deactivated the Antivirus service, it is automatically extended; the cost of the service is written off in full on the date of its renewal.

How to use

The service is ready for operation immediately after its activation and begins to operate from the very beginning of the Internet session.

The Antivirus service is networked, i.e. it is connected to the subscriber phone number, does not depend on the OS or the OS firmware version of the device.

No application is required.


The Antivirus service does not operate if the Static Name service is activated.

The Antivirus service is available only to the telecom subscribers.

A subscriber can activate the service only if there is enough money (in the amount of lump sum daily payment) on the subscriber’s personal account.

The Antivirus service scans the incoming Internet traffic. If the device has already been “infected” before the service activation, the Antivirus service won’t be able to remove it.

How to activate/deactivate?

To activate:

  • dial * 376 # (call)
  • use the My MTS application
  • via the user account

To deactivate:

  • dial * 376 * 0 # (call)
  • use the My MTS application
  • via the user account