Charity Policy

Charity is one of the components of the MTS social responsibility. For this reason, our activities in this field are stipulated by the same principles as those of the MTS social policy.

  • The projects aimed at the improvement of the quality of life are top-priority;
  • We are focused on long-term projects facilitating a solution to most pressing social problems, covering various strata of society and complying with the state priorities in the field of social policy;
  • From the point of view of the geographical spread of our charity projects, we are interested in the projects that can be implemented both within this country and in all countries where MTS operates;
  • In alignment with the MTS social policy, we are interested in the implementation of the projects aimed at the creation of equal conditions and opportunities for the residents of remote regions and big cities;
  • We believe that state-of-the art technologies make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life and promote personal self-fulfillment, that is why, charity projects are our top-priority;
  • From the point of view of most acute social problems, we believe that society needs charity projects aimed at the improvement of health, as well as projects that contribute to the harmonious development of the younger generation. The active social position of business in solving these problems promotes the development of a harmonious and successful society of the future;
  • We are cooperative with federal and regional authorities, non-profit organizations, representatives of the business community in the framework of joint charity programs that comply with the MTS social and charity policies, on an equal partnership basis and subject to any requirements specified by law.