Principles and Strategy

The key principles of the MTS socially responsible business are aimed at ensuring a sustainable development of society, growth of its welfare and formation of competitive economy. These principles were formulated with due regard for the expectations of the parties concerned, they are long-term and promote the consistent implementation of the MTS development strategy.

Responsible Business Management

MTS implements the principle of responsible business management. MTS plans and implements its actions and activities in such a way that they foster changes in society, improve the social climate, reduce social tension and stimulate the development of society.

Telecommunications Operator Responsibility

MTS is the largest telecommunications company in Russia and the CIS countries, its main objective is to provide all consumers with high-quality, innovative and affordable telecom products and services.

Equal Opportunities

We make our own contribution to the creation of equal opportunities for everybody by providing an equal access to advanced technologies, innovative products and services to promote personal self-fulfillment. One of the key areas of MTS activities is creation of equal conditions and opportunities for the residents of remote areas and big cities.


We believe that it is possible to enhance the quality of life by mainstreaming innovative technologies, products and services. The spread of innovations, their use in everyday life contribute to the formation of an innovative type of thinking, which, in its turn, stimulates the development of society, promotes sustainable economic growth, the integration of our country into the world community, and creates a successful society of the future.

Economic Growth and Social Welfare Promotion

The MTS growth strategy is based on significant investments in the creation and development of the national telecom infrastructure necessary for the successful implementation of key strategic projects.

The activity of MTS, the largest telecom operator in Russia and the CIS countries, is aimed at the development of a high-tech segment of economy and growth of the investment attractiveness of the country.

MTS endorses the initiatives of the state aimed at the improvement of the quality of life, growth in prosperity of society in general and all its citizens in particular, and renders assistance to the state with the implementation of these initiatives.

Responsibility to the State

MTS activities on all target markets are based exclusively on the laws in force and legislative instruments of the relevant government agencies, including those in the field of tax regulation, financial control, sanitary and epidemiological standards and labor law.

Long-Term Investment

We consider investments in the development of the social sphere to be long-term investments that not only contribute to the development of society but also lay the foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

Commitment to Results

One of the key principles of MTS in the field of social policy is its focus on achievable and measurable results. For the company, this means pursuing a policy of meaningful social investments with a predictable result aimed at solving the most acute social problems in the public interest.

Informational Transparency

An essential prerequisite for the effective implementation of the social policy is a steady dialogue with the representatives of the parties concerned. MTS is open to this dialogue and is interested in it. Being a public company, we inform the public about the aspects of our activity as required by Russian laws and international standards specified for public companies.

To inform the public about the MTS social activities, we plan to publish annual social reports in the public domain on the MTS information resources.

The MTS strategy in the field of social responsibility is based on the ongoing analysis of the company's current business processes, the degree of their compliance with the principles of socially responsible business, planning and implementation of the projects that go beyond the legal minimum and aimed at increasing the positive impact of MTS business on society.

To improve the efficiency of our social policy, we study the best Russian and international practices in the field of social responsibility and are open to cooperation with expert and investment communities.